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Chimera or Khimaira was a violent three headed beast with the head and body of a lion, a goats head rising from its back and a snake for a tale. This monster was also thought to be capable of breathing fire and decimated the countryside of it's home, Anatolia. The Chimera would ultimately meet its end however when Bellerophon, commanded by King Lobates killed the beast by burying his lance into the throat of the Chimera.

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- Chimera T-Shirt from Greek Mythology
- Ringspun 100% Cotton T-Shirt
- Original Artwork 
- Unisex Tee, fitting both male and female


Unleash your inner deity, beast or monster and show the world your allegiance to the Pantheon. Starting out with just 4 mythologies and 8 deities, our collection has grown significantly and will continue to, so keep an eye out for future drops.


Created in 2019, we've grown from a small side gig to a full time operation thanks to shared love of mythology, legends and folklore and the thousands of you who have supported us in our journey. All our clothing is printed and shipped right here in the UK.